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RaboDirect PRO12 Fixtures & Results
September 2013
Fri 6 Sep19:05
Scarlets19 - 42Leinster RugbyParc y Scarlets6,329Report
Fri 6 Sep19:15
Newport Gwent Dragons15 - 8Ulster RugbyRodney Parade5,165Report
Fri 6 Sep19:35
Glasgow Warriors22 - 15Cardiff BluesScotstoun Stadium5,052Report
Sat 7 Sep17:00
Connacht Rugby25 - 16ZebreSportsground4,084Report
Sat 7 Sep19:15
Munster Rugby34 - 23Edinburgh RugbyMusgrave Park6,810Report
Sat 7 Sep19:30
Benetton Treviso19 - 24OspreysStadio Monigo4,981Report
Fri 13 Sep19:05
Cardiff Blues21 - 10Connacht RugbyArms Park6,874Report
Fri 13 Sep19:05
Ulster Rugby12 - 13Glasgow WarriorsRavenhill Stadium11,500Report
Fri 13 Sep19:30
Zebre21 - 43Munster RugbyStadio XXV Aprile2,550Report
Fri 13 Sep19:45
Edinburgh Rugby16 - 13Newport Gwent DragonsMurrayfield3,692Report
Sat 14 Sep18:15
Leinster Rugby29 - 29OspreysRoyal Dublin Society16,885Report
Sat 14 Sep18:30
Scarlets26 - 10Benetton TrevisoParc y Scarlets5,847Report
Fri 20 Sep19:15
Newport Gwent Dragons23 - 16ScarletsRodney Parade6,777Report
Fri 20 Sep19:30
Cardiff Blues25 - 30ZebreArms Park7,513Report
Fri 20 Sep19:35
Glasgow Warriors12 - 6Leinster RugbyScotstoun Stadium5,152Report
Fri 20 Sep20:30
Benetton Treviso29 - 19Munster RugbyStadio Monigo4,528Report
Sat 21 Sep18:30
Ospreys44 - 10Edinburgh RugbyLiberty Stadium8,356Report
Sat 21 Sep18:45
Connacht Rugby7 - 18Ulster RugbySportsground5,485Report
Fri 27 Sep19:05
Ulster Rugby32 - 13Benetton TrevisoRavenhill Stadium10,693Report
Fri 27 Sep19:30
Zebre17 - 24Glasgow WarriorsStadio XXV Aprile2,800Report
Fri 27 Sep19:35
Leinster Rugby34 - 20Cardiff BluesRoyal Dublin Society17,180Report
Fri 27 Sep19:45
Edinburgh Rugby9 - 22ScarletsMurrayfield3,586Report
Sat 28 Sep17:00
Connacht Rugby26 - 43OspreysSportsground3,888Report
Sat 28 Sep18:45
Munster Rugby23 - 9Newport Gwent DragonsMusgrave Park6,248Report
October 2013
Fri 4 Oct19:05
Ospreys12 - 18Ulster RugbyLiberty Stadium10,049Report
Fri 4 Oct19:15
Newport Gwent Dragons30 - 7ZebreRodney Parade5,554Report
Fri 4 Oct20:30
Benetton Treviso23 - 3Connacht RugbyStadio Monigo3,948Report
Sat 5 Oct18:30
Scarlets12 - 17Glasgow WarriorsParc y Scarlets6,504Report
Sat 5 Oct18:45
Munster Rugby19 - 15Leinster RugbyThomond Park20,646Report
Sun 6 Oct14:05
Cardiff Blues29 - 12Edinburgh RugbyArms Park7,245Report
Fri 25 Oct19:05
Ospreys40 - 17Newport Gwent DragonsLiberty Stadium8,732Report
Fri 25 Oct19:05
Ulster Rugby39 - 21Cardiff BluesRavenhill Stadium12,948Report
Fri 25 Oct19:30
Zebre16 - 16ScarletsStadio XXV Aprile1,560Report
Fri 25 Oct19:35
Glasgow Warriors6 - 13Munster RugbyScotstoun Stadium5,726Report
Fri 25 Oct19:45
Edinburgh Rugby20 - 13Benetton TrevisoMurrayfield3,993Report
Sat 26 Oct18:45
Leinster Rugby16 - 13Connacht RugbyRoyal Dublin Society16,780Report
November 2013
Fri 1 Nov19:05
Newport Gwent Dragons19 - 23Leinster RugbyRodney Parade6,174Report
Fri 1 Nov19:45
Edinburgh Rugby25 - 23ZebreMurrayfield3,156Report
Sat 2 Nov14:30
Cardiff Blues17 - 13Benetton TrevisoArms Park6,986Report
Sat 2 Nov17:00
Connacht Rugby12 - 19Glasgow WarriorsSportsground4,185Report
Sat 2 Nov18:30
Scarlets17 - 9Ulster RugbyParc y Scarlets6,506Report
Sat 2 Nov19:15
Munster Rugby12 - 6OspreysThomond Park14,216Report
Fri 22 Nov19:05
Ulster Rugby41 - 17Edinburgh RugbyRavenhill Stadium12,955Report
Fri 22 Nov19:35
Glasgow Warriors8 - 23Newport Gwent DragonsScotstoun Stadium4,665Report
Sat 23 Nov14:30
Ospreys30 - 20ZebreLiberty Stadium6,529Report
Sat 23 Nov17:00
Connacht Rugby21 - 24ScarletsSportsground4,172Report
Sat 23 Nov18:30
Cardiff Blues10 - 31Munster RugbyArms Park6,122Report
Sun 24 Nov15:00
Benetton Treviso20 - 21Leinster RugbyStadio Monigo3,938Report
Fri 29 Nov19:05
Ospreys16 - 28Glasgow WarriorsLiberty Stadium5,679Report
Fri 29 Nov19:15
Newport Gwent Dragons14 - 18Munster RugbyRodney Parade7,118Report
Fri 29 Nov19:45
Edinburgh Rugby43 - 10Connacht RugbyMurrayfield3,515Report
Sat 30 Nov15:00
Zebre11 - 19Ulster RugbyStadio XXV Aprile1,250Report
Sat 30 Nov17:00
Benetton Treviso26 - 26Cardiff BluesStadio Monigo3,351Report
Sat 30 Nov19:15
Leinster Rugby36 - 19ScarletsRoyal Dublin Society15,740Report
December 2013
Fri 20 Dec19:05
Cardiff Blues19 - 22OspreysArms Park10,615Report
Fri 20 Dec19:05
Ulster Rugby13 - 6ZebreRavenhill Stadium13,937Report
Fri 20 Dec19:35
Edinburgh Rugby11 - 6Leinster RugbyMurrayfield3,321Report
Sat 21 Dec17:00
Connacht Rugby14 - 11Newport Gwent DragonsSportsground4,033Report
Sat 21 Dec19:15
Munster Rugby16 - 10ScarletsMusgrave Park7,867Report
Thu 26 Dec14:00
Scarlets6 - 10OspreysParc y Scarlets14,796Report
Thu 26 Dec15:05
Edinburgh Rugby16 - 20Glasgow WarriorsMurrayfield10,125Report
Thu 26 Dec17:00
Newport Gwent Dragons22 - 16Cardiff BluesRodney Parade8,526Report
Fri 27 Dec19:15
Munster Rugby22 - 16Connacht RugbyThomond Park18,870Report
Sat 28 Dec15:00
Benetton Treviso20 - 15ZebreStadio Monigo4,862Report
Sat 28 Dec18:45
Leinster Rugby19 - 6Ulster RugbyRoyal Dublin Society18,500Report
January 2014
Wed 1 Jan14:05
Cardiff Blues21 - 13Newport Gwent DragonsArms Park10,413Report
Fri 3 Jan19:05
Ulster Rugby29 - 19Munster RugbyRavenhill Stadium13,945Report
Fri 3 Jan19:15
Ospreys17 - 12ScarletsLiberty Stadium13,201Report
Sat 4 Jan15:00
Zebre14 - 12Benetton TrevisoStadio XXV Aprile5,000Report
Sat 4 Jan19:15
Connacht Rugby8 - 16Leinster RugbySportsground7,210Report
February 2014
Fri 7 Feb19:35
Ulster Rugby10 - 7OspreysRavenhill Stadium12,986Report
Sat 8 Feb14:00
Benetton Treviso33 - 41ScarletsStadio Monigo2,918Report
Sat 8 Feb19:15
Munster Rugby54 - 13Cardiff BluesThomond Park13,821Report
Sun 9 Feb14:00
Glasgow Warriors8 - 6Connacht RugbyScotstoun Stadium3,904Report
Sun 9 Feb18:00
Zebre8 - 31Leinster RugbyStadio XXV Aprile1,450Report
Fri 14 Feb19:45
Leinster Rugby31 - 19Newport Gwent DragonsRoyal Dublin Society15,000Report
Sat 15 Feb17:00
Connacht Rugby11 - 7Edinburgh RugbySportsground4,038Report
Sat 15 Feb18:30
Cardiff Blues20 - 27Glasgow WarriorsArms Park5,645Report
Sat 15 Feb18:45
Munster Rugby36 - 8ZebreMusgrave Park7,330Report
Sun 16 Feb16:00
Ospreys75 - 7Benetton TrevisoLiberty Stadium5,089Report
Thu 20 Feb20:05
Cardiff Blues22 - 34Leinster RugbyArms Park5,063Report
Sat 22 Feb14:30
Scarlets25 - 21Edinburgh RugbyParc y Scarlets5,675Report
Sun 23 Feb14:30
Newport Gwent Dragons24 - 23Glasgow WarriorsRodney Parade3,916Report
Sun 23 Feb15:00
Benetton Treviso12 - 14Ulster RugbyStadio Monigo2,720Report
Sun 23 Feb16:00
Ospreys11 - 25Munster RugbyLiberty Stadium5,766Report
Sun 23 Feb17:30
Zebre19 - 27Connacht RugbyStadio XXV Aprile1,265Report
Fri 28 Feb19:05
Ulster Rugby38 - 8Newport Gwent DragonsRavenhill Stadium12,960Report
Fri 28 Feb19:35
Edinburgh Rugby31 - 25OspreysMeggetland3,000Report
March 2014
Sat 1 Mar16:00
Zebre15 - 10Cardiff BluesStadio XXV Aprile1,050Report
Sat 1 Mar17:00
Connacht Rugby38 - 6Benetton TrevisoSportsground3,850Report
Sat 1 Mar18:30
Scarlets18 - 13Munster RugbyParc y Scarlets6,487Report
Sat 1 Mar20:30
Leinster Rugby28 - 25Glasgow WarriorsRoyal Dublin Society14,400Report
Fri 14 Mar19:05
Ulster Rugby26 - 13ScarletsRavenhill Stadium14,000Report
Fri 21 Mar19:05
Ospreys34 - 9Cardiff BluesLiberty Stadium8,832Report
Fri 21 Mar19:15
Leinster Rugby27 - 0ZebreRoyal Dublin Society14,855Report
Fri 21 Mar19:45
Edinburgh Rugby3 - 9Ulster RugbyMurrayfield6,333Report
Sat 22 Mar18:30
Glasgow Warriors14 - 6ScarletsScotstoun Stadium4,679Report
Sat 22 Mar19:15
Munster Rugby14 - 3Benetton TrevisoThomond Park13,946Report
Sun 23 Mar15:05
Newport Gwent Dragons8 - 24Connacht RugbyRodney Parade5,474Report
Fri 28 Mar19:35
Glasgow Warriors11 - 9OspreysScotstoun Stadium5,038Report
Sat 29 Mar16:00
Zebre25 - 25Newport Gwent DragonsStadio XXV Aprile1,800Report
Sat 29 Mar18:30
Cardiff Blues28 - 23Ulster RugbyArms Park7,084Report
Sat 29 Mar19:00
Benetton Treviso20 - 16Edinburgh RugbyStadio Monigo3,160Report
Sat 29 Mar19:00
Leinster Rugby22 - 18Munster RugbyAVIVA Stadium51,700Report
Sun 30 Mar14:05
Scarlets32 - 30Connacht RugbyParc y Scarlets6,111Report
April 2014
Thu 3 Apr18:30
Newport Gwent Dragons19 - 23Edinburgh RugbyRodney Parade4,574Report
Fri 4 Apr19:35
Glasgow Warriors29 - 10Benetton TrevisoScotstoun Stadium4,710Report
Fri 11 Apr19:05
Ospreys25 - 19Leinster RugbyLiberty Stadium8,656Report
Fri 11 Apr19:05
Ulster Rugby58 - 12Connacht RugbyRavenhill Stadium13,948Report
Fri 11 Apr19:45
Edinburgh Rugby22 - 29Cardiff BluesMeggetland3,700Report
Sat 12 Apr18:30
Munster Rugby5 - 22Glasgow WarriorsThomond Park13,946Report
Sat 12 Apr18:30
Scarlets27 - 20ZebreParc y Scarlets6,708Report
Sat 12 Apr19:00
Benetton Treviso45 - 27Newport Gwent DragonsStadio Monigo3,183Report
Fri 18 Apr17:00
Leinster Rugby62 - 7Benetton TrevisoRoyal Dublin Society17,200Report
Fri 18 Apr19:35
Glasgow Warriors27 - 9Ulster RugbyScotstoun Stadium7,417Report
Sat 19 Apr15:30
Zebre26 - 13Edinburgh RugbyStadio XXV Aprile1,866Report
Sat 19 Apr18:15
Connacht Rugby23 - 32Munster RugbySportsground6,227Report
Sun 20 Apr14:00
Cardiff Blues17 - 13ScarletsMillennium Stadium30,411Report
Sun 20 Apr16:45
Newport Gwent Dragons10 - 20OspreysMillennium Stadium30,411Report
Sat 26 Apr19:05
Glasgow Warriors  v  Edinburgh RugbyScotstoun StadiumBBCALBAPreview
May 2014
Thu 1 May18:00
Zebre  v  OspreysStadio XXV AprileMediasetMore
Fri 2 May19:05
Scarlets  v  Newport Gwent DragonsParc y ScarletsBBCWMore
Fri 2 May19:30
Ulster Rugby  v  Leinster RugbyRavenhill StadiumBBCNI/RTEMore
Fri 2 May20:00
Benetton Treviso  v  Glasgow WarriorsStadio MonigoMediast/ALBAMore
Sat 3 May17:00
Connacht Rugby  v  Cardiff BluesSportsground
Sat 3 May17:00
Edinburgh Rugby  v  Munster RugbyMeggetlandBBCALBA/TG4More
Sat 10 May18:30
Glasgow Warriors  v  ZebreScotstoun Stadium
Sat 10 May18:30
Leinster Rugby  v  Edinburgh RugbyRoyal Dublin Society
Sat 10 May18:30
Munster Rugby  v  Ulster RugbyThomond Park
Sat 10 May18:30
Newport Gwent Dragons  v  Benetton TrevisoRodney Parade
Sat 10 May18:30
Ospreys  v  Connacht RugbyLiberty Stadium
Sat 10 May18:30
Scarlets  v  Cardiff BluesParc y Scarlets
16/17/18 May

16/17/18 May

Sat 31 May

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